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Latest is: scr_ipfm-0.64

1. What is scr_ipfm?
So scr_ipfm is a script written in php, used to graphically show amount of data
downloaded by users in local network. To do that, it uses logs generated by
ipfm program (ipfm is available at the address: http://robert.cheramy.net/ipfm/).

The homepage of a scr_ipfm is available at http://scripfm.sf.net/

scr_ipfm features:
  • sorting by field in, out, host and total
  • aggregated data of downloaded amount of data
  • daily, monthly, annually and global statistics
2. Documentation:
scr_ipfm screenshot
3. cvs access:
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@sdas.eu.org:/home/cvs login
[password is empty]
cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@sdas.eu.org:/home/cvs get scr_ipfm

or you can see source code via cvsweb access: cvsweb

4. They use scr_ipfm:
5. Screenshots:
6. Other download sites:
7. Official releases:
8. Contact:
If you have any questions or sugestions, feel free to mail me. I'm always available at: <sdas (at) gibas (dot) org>

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